How does the organizing process work?
After speaking with you on the phone and assessing your needs we would come out to your home or office. Depending on your individual requirements we may bring
products with us; bins, files, drawer organizers etc. Once there, we go through your problem areas with you where we basically take everything out of the area, go through
the items and then put the wanted items back in an organized functional manner. We may suggest moving furniture to create a better flow or even suggest the purchasing of

Once at my home what do you do?
We ask that you do not clean up before we come. We like to see the areas of clutter and where they are forming. We will break down your items into three groups; donate,
throw away and keep. Once they are decided upon, we will organize your items and create an individual system that will keep you organized.

Do I need to be there when you are working?
We would always prefer that you be there with us, as by working with you we get the feel of what your needs are. We also take this opportunity to help you come up with a
thought process as to why you collect items, why you have a hard time letting go of items and how to prevent more things from coming into your home. Our goal is to put
order into your life and to leave you with the tools to keep that order in place.

What do you do if I need help with my home office?
Again, after assessing your needs we will come to your home and set up a complete filing and paperwork flow for you. We will go through old boxes and determine, according
to guidelines, what need to be filed, shredded or thrown away. We set up work areas and systems that meet your individual requirements. We also can help with suggestions
and training for computer software.

What do I do with all my papers that need to be shredded?
If you have too much to shred by your self you can call a professional shredding company that comes out to you home with a large shred truck. There is a wonderful service
by Cintas that will do one time large shreds at your home or office. Please call Todd Wolfe at 708-345-8392, ext. 202.

How can you help me in my office?
We can create innovative storage areas for you, set up work- stations such as packing and shipping, billing and receivables. We can setup filing systems, do desk
organization, and individual coaching to prevent missed phone calls and deadlines. We can help implement work flow areas to improve productivity.

How do you charge?
We charge by the hour.

Do you do consultations?
Although we do offer consultations we have more of a hands-on approach. We have found that most of our clients are frustrated and stressed with their current clutter and
do not know where to start. By hiring us we can give them a fresh start and tools with which to keep their areas organized.

Do you do closets?
Yes. Many times new closets are not needed, they just need to be gone through. Our first step would be to go through your closet with you and give you a thought process
as to what clothes to keep or donate. Once we have gone through your closet we have a better idea of what your hanging and shelving needs are. Most times we can just
adjust a shelf or suggest adding another hanging rod to better suit your needs. If we feel you could benefit with a completely new closet we can suggest items from local
stores or refer you to California Closets 847-398-9350.

Can you help me with my children’s organizational skills?
Yes, we have worked with teens and had great success in implementing systems to keep homework done on time and rooms clean! In regards to smaller children we have
solutions to toy clutter, school paperwork and memorabilia.

Can you help me with my move?
Yes. Depending on the size of the job we can bring in additional associates to help unpack and organize your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living areas. We even make
beds, organize food pantries and linen closets. We will have you up and running in the most efficient manner possible.

How can you help me with my elderly parents?
We can organize their homes and de-clutter years worth of belongings. We can setup more efficient ways of living and make sure that all their medication, medical paperwork
and bills are up to date and manageable. We even offer a service where we can check in on them monthly and make sure that bills and household are being kept up to date.

Can you help me with my remodel of my home?
Yes. We can help you de-clutter and pack before the actual remodel. We will help you asses the best items to keep available and what to pack away. In regards to the actual
planning of the remodel, we can give you suggestions on the actual planning of your space from an organizational perspective. We can also help with the unpack and placing
of your belongings for a more efficient start in your new area.
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