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Clare Mantelman
Professional Organizer
NAPO member since 2004
Just by looking for a professional organizer I bet you feel better already. Everybody's life gets disorganized at one time, life
changes and we have to keep up with it. That's where Organize Now comes in.

Nobody chooses to have a disorganized environment. I'm sure if you look back, you will see there are many reasons why
your home became cluttered to begin with, perhaps there was an event in your life; a death, a birth, a new job or perhaps
another life change? It could be that life simply just got too busy and now it has hit a point where you need some outside

Home Organization we will come into your house and spatially see where things should belong; we turn cluttered rooms
into functioning living areas for you and your family. From years of professional experience we have developed thought
processes to help you with your clutter and ways to prevent you from building clutter up again.

Maybe you are having a hard time keeping order in your life. Having an organized home always helps, but what about the
everyday family and work demands? We can help by creating individualized systems that specifically fit your needs.

Office organization is a must. In today's world we are inundated with paper, mail and the Internet. Everywhere we look we
are given the opportunity to create more paperwork. There is no standard way to organize an office so after learning your
needs we create a filing system that will work for you. We will also give you a thought process as to what papers to keep,
print off, shred or throw away.

We also provide moving and relocation services, and elderly intervention services.
Organize Now....... your personal organizer.
Getting your home and life organized can be an overwhelming process to do on your own. It is hard to know
where to start and once you do start, things quickly become frustrating. That's where Organize Now steps in
and brings order and peace of mind to your life.
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